Lab M. Wu




External Conditioning,2013-2014

Ceramic Lamp


People’s perspectives on value are influenced by the world they live in. They do not entirely determine their own behaviour; each person is a representative of where they are from. This context is formed by culture and environment, much of which is engineered by designers. It made me wonder: how are individuals forced into a mould by designed objects and an artificial environment? This ceramic lamp is designed to stimulate users to interact with it without being conscious of it. The object simply allows it. It is composed of grated pieces of clay, which makes the structure singularly delicate. A gentle touch is enough to break it. The lamp invites the user to deconstruct it. At the same time its appearance reflects the way it interacts with its user, both the lamp shade and the light intensity transform through usage.

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven

Photograph: Lisa Klappe

One complete lamp was exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2014 in Design Academy Eindhoven, which triggered conversation - Is it art or design, and why is it social?

Below is the documentary about the deconstruction process by DDW visitors from 18-28 Oct, 2014.

I want people to break the lamp - but I let the lamp to do that by itself. It attracts people simply because of its texture. Once people sense the vulnerability they will try to take pieces off. The sound it makes when the pieces falls and the change of the light are the immediate feedback that makes them want to continue.