Lab M. Wu





DAE graduation research


Comparing Taiwan and the Netherlands, I suspect that my behaviour is not my own will. I am a product of the environment I inhabit. For my practical research I ask the question: How are we forced into a mould by our designed objects and artificial environment?


My research explored person-object / person-context interactions. I experimented with the relation between information within objects, and users’ behaviour. I tried to control users’ behaviour by making critical changes to objects. I found that users adapt to new ways of acting due to the influence of designed objects, which shows how designers play an important role by creating the context of material life. In other words, what users’ react to is the intention of the designer. My aim is to make people aware of the designer’s influence, which feeds users’ adaptive behavior, and in return forms their view of the world.

>>> Gestures formed by objects

>>> Trace influenced by interior and furnitures.


>>> Stool that limits how users sit.

>>> Tea making sets guides/control how users should make their tea.


>>> The movement of light is set into a random route, taking back the freedom from users to reset the lamp position.

>>>The mirror reflects the complete image only when it is spinning.

In this ‘artificial nature’ we adapt to new ways of acting due to the influence of designed objects. Designers play important roles in the context of the material life, they affect users in their desired way. On the other hand, people can instantly adapt to the surroundings, but we are not aware of that till we encounter something different. We learn a certain way to react to the information, and then it becomes the only way for it.


My approach is to reverse engineer the control of the object and overemphasise the dominance of an object, to which people have adapted. By giving a strong contrast when they use it, I intend to make them notice the difference between the design I make and the one in their mental model and eventually start to question their thoughts and behaviour.