Lab M. Wu





Human as a form of energy


This project is based on the scenario of the period that is lack of the resource we rely on. Citizens are evaluated by their energy value. When the value becomes too low, they will be forced to produce energy in order to keep the balance or become part of the energy resource.


The development of the world is extremely unbalanced. Citizens of the some area are working on exporting their natural resources but starving in the meanwhile, those in the other side of the world are just enjoying their comfort. These profiteers seem to be having no responsibility towards that. How will people react when this situation changes?


Statistic shows if we don’t reduce the energy consumption or finding alternative energy resources, it will be possible that we have no energy left the next century. What would people do in order to maintain the basic quality of life becomes an interesting issue. Therefore, I propose a new system in reward to people who have contribution to the society, which might be crucial but fair.



People are officially defined if they are obese by their BMI, one of the guidelines of health condition. Besides, one’s weight can be translated to having different energy consumption, being obese means higher energy consumption than the average.




In the new system, energy is owned by the nation. Therefore, energy company will become one of the government department, set up and execute the regulations. According to the health condition and what they can provide to the society, people are evaluated if they are qualified to survive or not.


>>>All citizens will receive this card when they turn 18, which collects their health condition everyday. All data collected will be critical for their evaluation per year.

>>>The evaluation take place annually. Examinants will receive their number and medicine. No personal belonging are allowed to take with them.

>>>The building is connected with the power generator facilities. During the evaluation, all examinants will be in the state of unconsciousness, those who fail will be sent to the power generator as the fuel to generate power.

>>>Those who pass but considered as energy-overconsumed, will be send to *the other side, become a temporary slave till they reach the balance of energy consumption.

*the other side - architecture in the future will be divided into two part. One side is the tenant, the other side is the room for the slave. Slaves have to generate certain amount of energy and also provide the power of house appliance for the qualified tenant.